Crew & Qualifications

TMS provides all levels of first-aid and emergency medical care with a full range of medical personnel ranging from:

  • First Aiders
  • Occupational First Aiders (OFAs)
  • Emergency Medical Assistant First Responders and Emergency Medical Responders (EMA and EMR) (Alberta and B.C.)
  • Primary Care Paramedics (Alberta and B.C.)
  • Advanced Care Paramedics (Alberta and B.C.)


Eric Brand

Eric has been working in emergency services since 2012. Currently, he works with Alberta Health Services as a Primary Care Paramedic and is also a crew member with the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue.


Nicholas Barrett

Nick has been working in special event medicine since 2011. He currently works with St. John Ambulance as the Superintendent for brigade 315 Nanaimo.

Medical Direction

Odyssey Medical

Odyssey Medical has been providing medical coverage for TMS for the past two years. With emergency room physicians who also work within the EMS guidelines world, we are always assured that our medical direction is provided by people who thoroughly understand the paramedic protocols.