So, it looks like you just stepped into an exciting new challenge!

Welcome to the TMS family.

An important step of your induction to the team is to get the record straight. 

The intake form will take between 5 minutes and few hours to complete, depending on your ability to read and follow the preparatory instructions below:

(1) Have a recent (less than 6 months) clear, sharp and in focus photo/mugshot of yourself with a neutral background such as a white/beige/light grey wall. The photo must include shoulders, all visage, and head features (no sunglasses).

(2) Have a clear, sharp and in focus photo of the following documents, ready to upload:

-Driver License (front and back)

-Provincial Licensing Board Practice Permit/Certificate (front and back for the old certificates).

-OFA or First Aid Certificate

-Other relevant courses certificates

-Cheque Specimen and/or banking information for the pay

(3) Obtain an up-to-date Driving Record in PDF format to be uploaded. This document is available for free from your provincial government website:

-British Columbia: (Search for “Driving Record BC” if the link does not go thru).


(4) Be prepared to provide your emergency contact information and social insurance number.

If you have any question, feel free to contact Nic Fortin at 778 381-8326 x704 (office) or 250 585-8380 (mobile) or

Your photo must:

1) be clear, sharp and in focus;
2) show a neutral background (white, light grey, beige, etc.);
3) include shoulders and all visage and head features (no sunglasses);
4) be an image of your current appearance (less than 6 months old).